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Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage to your home isn’t always related to having a fire. Smoke damage can be caused by a number of potential sources, that doesn’t include the structure of the home burning. Candles, cooking, oil furnaces, and electrical appliances are all some of the sources that can cause smoke damage to your home. Often overlooked, smoke odor removal not properly performed can leave lasting effects on your home and your way of life.

smoke removal

While smoke damage can be caused by many sources, the most common is, in fact, the result of a fire. While repairing fire damage might be obvious due to charred or burned materials, smoke damage cannot be seen. The proper evaluation for cleaning and performing smoke odor removal should always be left to the professional. During a fire, smoke can travel into the small cracks and crevices in a home while pushing further into the home that would be expected. Any smoke damage or smoke odor left behind after the repairs are complete could remain forever. Not only would the smoke odor be unpleasant to live with, the but smoke damage left behind could also cause long-term damage to the mechanical systems of your home.

Smoke odor removal and smoke damage cleaning to your contents are as important as the cleaning of the home. Smoke damage and smoke odor to your contents that is left behind will cause permanent staining, corrosive damage to electronics, unpleasant odors, and will cause you to live with the constant reminder of the damage entirely. The smoke residue is acidic in nature and creates corrosion to metal, glass, plastics and of all types of substrates. The heat of a fire opens the pores of substrates and drives the soot particle deeply into the outer layers of the substrates affected. Soot when combined with water or high humidity conditions exponentially increases the acidic strength and thus the damage is very aggressive. Controlling humidity and climate reduces acidic corrosion that smoke damage can cause. Our Service Master Restore by Angler team of trained smoke odor removal technicians is trained in the latest methods and with the most current technology to properly evaluate the effects of smoke damage to your home and to your contents.