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Flood Damage

Have you ever known someone that experienced a flooded basement? Flood damage to a home or business can sometimes be catastrophic. Not only will the water cause damage to the home itself, but it will also cause damage to its contents. Imagine walking into your flooded basement and seeing your family pictures floating in a few feet of water. Maybe that brand new flat screen television is partially submerged in water.

flood basement

Whether the flood was caused by a broken or frozen pipe, overflow of a river or stream, backup from the city storm sewers, or that bathtub faucet that someone forgot to turn off, you will need a trained water removal expert to properly perform the restoration. Simply removing the water is not enough. Excess water and high moisture content levels left behind will cause additional damage to the structure of the home and pose potentially life-threatening illness to your family if not remediated effectively.

Our ServiceMaster Restore Services team of flood damage trained technicians have spent countless hours training and perfecting the proper techniques to ensure that your flooded basement will be completely restored to the condition it was before the damage occurred. We understand how important it is to minimize the damage and the disruption to your life. Addressing the damage caused to your flooded basement is best left to the professionals. The techniques and technology to perform the proper remediation services include demolition when needed, proper placement and amount of air movers to get the water into the air, then proper dehumidification to ensure that water removal is done correctly. Air movers and dehumidifiers are not enough though, daily and precise moisture monitoring is the key to properly restore your flooded basement. OurServiceMaster Restore Services technicians will monitor the conditions of your flooded basement daily to ensure that we are in fact removing all the water caused by the flood damage.